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Host a Bin

Host A Donation Bin!

The more bins you can place, the more cash you can earn!  Depending on the city rules, you can host bins around your locations to earn cash for your organization.  

3 reasons to host a bin:

  1. Easy for donations –  the bin provides an easy way for donations to be dropped off and collected by customers and employees.  
  2. Show Community Support   these bins show you support the DAV plus the donations inside help our Disabled Veterans get assistance for transportation to medical appointments, help filing claims and much more! 
  3. Turnkey cash – your organization gets paid on the amount that is collected.  Just place a bin and earn cash!  It’s that easy!

One of the main worries about hosting a bin is the potential for mess and clutter.  We understand these donations go towards a good cause and don’t want the donations to be ruined.  We don’t want these bins to be an eyesore or complicated for your business.  We service these bins on a regular basis and are just a phone call away if you need an additional pick up that day!

Our bins are 52″wide X 46″ deep X 78″ high.

If you would like more information about hosting a bin, fill out the form below!  You will be contacted within 72 business hours.