Choose to reuse… Shop Thrift!

Feel Great – Donate!

Support your community and donate!


Sure, it feels great to donate!  You are decluttering, helping the environment AND supporting a great cause, the City Union Mission.  But how do you know when it is time to donate or what to donate?  Here are some things to think about during the next season switch or the next time you clean!

  1. Geez, what will I ever do with these 1980’s leg warmers–they are so out of style!   Or are they?  If you don’t think you can ever wear them again, donate them!
  2. Have a blender and a food processor?  A toaster and toaster oven? A juicer and a Ninja?  Reclaim your counter space and donate one of those items!
  3. Did little Jimmy grow like a weed over the summer and his pants are more like capris? Is Jenny’s skirt now just a bit TOO mini?  Don’t worry.  Give those clothes a new home!
  4. Out of closet space?   Then it is time to donate! There’s no need to tell your visitors not to open doors or closets for fear of someone getting hurt!

Some added tips–

Make sure whatever you are donating works!  If it doesn’t, it will cost the chairty to dispose of the item instead of helping!

Wash your items before you donate them.  By removing stains it makes the item more desirable and will sell quicker to help support the charity!

All items donated are tax-deductible!  Be sure to see a cashier for your donation receipt!